Why Work with Us

You have a lot of options when choosing who to work with in buying your home on the Outer Cape. So why choose a realtor with Coldwell Banker Pat Shultz Real Estate?

  1. We provide you with more than 40 years of successful real estate experience on the Outer Cape. We consistently rank as one of the top agencies in Provincetown for real estate transactions.
  2. We work as a team, so when you work with one of us you are tapping into decades of collective experience in facilitating successful real estate transactions.
  3. We’re all full-time residents and actively involved in our communities. You’ll find no group of realtors more knowledgeable about the Outer Cape market.
  4. We pride ourselves on our service. We’ll work closely with you through every step in the home buying process and continue to be of service long after the closing.